Households who are struggling to make ends meet because of high rents or insufficient income, might meet the legal definition of homeless and therefore be owed statutory duties under the homelessness legislation. This is a long form article that considers the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the affordability of private rented accommodation, and what help is available from local authorities for people who can’t afford to pay their rent.


Examining the legal protection and tactics advisers can use when a client wants to end their tenancy

A case law update on an appeal from Bromley LBC against the High Court’s refusal to grant an injunction banning Gypsies & Travellers from entering or occupying all public spaces in the borough, apart from highways and cemeteries.

What was the case about?

What did the court decide?

A case law update on council medical experts contrasting with the applicant’s own expert.

What was the case about?

Alice Holtom

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